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I love the smell of play-doh in the morning

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Have you ever smelled something and were instantly brought back to a memory? This may sound odd but one of my all time favorite smells in the entire world is the aroma of fresh play-doh.


You should have seen 3 year old Goosie with her fuzzy pumper barber shop… I was a boss at growing the dudes hair and having it all come out in one piece without breaking! Based on this foreshadowing I should have known even back then that somehow my life would revolve around creativity in some way… lol…

There is a lot to the psychology of smells (see this blog post: The Psychology of Smell) you know!

Aromas can evoke strong emotion in each of us. I began to think of when I was the absolute happiest in my life, and it was as a young child when we lived with my Grandparents. I played with play-doh all the time (along with painting and playing house with my dolls). Every time I smell that smushy goodness coming from the container, it takes me right back to happy feelings and warm , and loving memories.

I mentioned this on social media and I began to think MAYBE I was a weirdo for loving the smell of playdoh. I seriously doubt I am the only one though, because Play-doh has actually trademarked the smell! Whaaat?! Yes, it’s true, check this out) But how does one trademark a smell? Well, first of all, you must
describe it. And send it off to the office for an official government
smell test by an examiner. “Hasbro formally describes [the trademarked scent] as a unique scent
formed through the combination of a sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like
fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry, and the natural smell of a
salted, wheat-based dough,” the statement reads. Americans tend to like childhood smells in general. Smells that remind us of Moms
cooking are great, even if Moms cooking was objectively terrible. We
like the smell of Band-Aids because it reminds us of someone taking care
of us.

What are some of YOUR favorite smells? Drop me a comment and let me know your absolute favorite or at least your top 3 smells if you can’t narrow it down enough for just one.

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